Rent to own

Rent to Own is a simple and affordable alternative to conventional vehicle financing. Rent to Buy is a way for you to own a car that fits your lifestyle. There are no credit checks, and we work strictly on affordability. Ultimately, you own the vehicle after 48 or 60 months of renting it.

Rent to own

How to start renting a vehicle

The rental term includes unlimited mileage within the borders of South Africa, comprehensive insurance, a service plan, GPS tracker, and annual license. A balloon payment will not be required at the end of the rental term. When your rental period expires, you can trade the vehicle in for a newer model or keep it.

Working directly

The company works directly with you, so there is no middle-man or third-party agent to get in the way. With no credit checks and no complicated application process, you can get your own wheels in 30 minutes flat. Blacklisted individuals welcome.

Benefits of Rent to buy and Rent to own

No credit checks are required, and we are able to cater to blacklisted individuals as well.

Our programs include a comprehensive insurance plan, GPS tracking, licensing, and unlimited mileage, unlike other programs.

No middleman, because we don’t work with third parties.

Our inventory of quality, low mileage vehicles is unlimited, and each one belongs to us.

A balloon payment is not required at the end of the contract.

There are no large upfront payments because monthly rent is paid in arrears.