Pawn your vehicle

With Pawn your Car, your vehicle serves as collateral for an instant short term loan. There are no credit checks, no excessive paperwork, invasive questioning, and no lengthy approval process. You can expect to have the money that you need in your account almost straight away, and once you’ve repaid the loan with the agreed interest, your vehicle will be returned to you. Types of vehicles you can use to secure loans include, cars, bakkies, boats, caravans and motorcycles.

Pawn your vehicle

How to Pawn your Vehicle

With Pawn your Vehicle, the value of the vehicle is what secures the loan and not your credit score. Additionally, we aren't interested in other factors that banks typically consider before approving a loan, such as your income, demographics, and spending habits. With Pawn your Vehicle, the vehicle is stored in a secure location during the loan period and the borrower will not be able to drive the vehicle. Once the loan has been settled, the vehicle will be returned to the owner.

Simply contact us

Tell us what kind, model, year, and mileage of your vehicle you want to borrow against. It must be fully paid up and in your name to qualify. You’ll get an offer over the phone as soon as we receive the details. The value of the vehicle will determine the amount of the loan.

Secure a Loan

You can secure a loan without using a vehicle title. For example, you can approach a bank instead. But using a vehicle or another valuable asset as collateral has several advantages. As long as you have collateral such as a vehicle, your credit score won’t matter.

After we receive consent

We will schedule a meeting at which we will ask for your original vehicle registration documents, your ID book, and proof of address. We will inspect the vehicle and, if everything is in order, we will finalize the deal. You will receive the funds as soon as possible.

No bank Loan

You may not be able to get a bank loan if you need money promptly. Most bank loans require considerable paperwork and time-consuming approval procedures. You will be able to access the funds almost immediately after all the paperwork is done.