We provide a safe, quick, and private car pawn loan services.

When you pawn your vehicle with us, we react quickly and do our best to give you the benifit and your funds being available the same day.

Name the vehicle and we will do it.

There are many advantages to pawning, including the quick process and the fact you have no legal recourse if you don’t pay. If you don’t pay, your vehicle is sold to recover the debt – that’s all.

We want to suite all your needs

The traditional credit avenues make it hard to obtain a short term loan quickly, but using your vehicle as collateral allows you to access funds the same day, without filling out applications.


You can sell your vehicle in a few easy steps!

Follow these easy steps below to start selling your vehicle today

Apply Now

To apply, please fill out the application form or give us a call.


You will be contacted by us over the phone to schedule an appointment.


Make an appointment to have your vehicle valuaded by one of us.


You will sign the agreement once your vehicle has passed the evaluation


The final step is to revise your payment once you’ve completed all four steps


Pawn and Drive

With Pawn My Car, you can pawn your car quickly, conveniently, and at an affordable price. Although your car will remain in your name, you won’t be able to drive it during the loan period. Once you have repaid the loan with agreed interest, the vehicle will be returned to you in a secure facility with strict access control.

Pawn My Car offers the following

The process is immediate – no complicated application or approval procedures – just bring your car in and leave with your money
We offer the lowest rates and we are NCA compliant, ensuring your security. Neither you nor your vehicle will lose ownership – we only hold it for security purposes


Consider these factors

  • There will be a lengthy and complicated approval process. You will need to submit payslips and bank statements with your application
  • You may still drive your car if your application is approved, but you will not own it if your application is approved
  • You can pawn your car with Pawn My Car for a much cheaper price than pawning it and driving it.
Pawn your car.

Why choose us.

Our car pawn loan service is trustworthy.

We Strife to provide the best service.

It is our mission to provide a reliable, quick, and clean car pawn loan service that is trustworthy, quick, and private. When you pawn your car with us, we will respond quickly and discreetly with funds available the same day. Our charges are extremely competitive and there are no hidden fees or unanticipated catches. Everything is completely transparent.