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Essentially, we buy the vehicle from the client and then take ownership of it. During a specified rental period (loan) the client retains the right to use the vehicle.


Get the most out of your loan

The rental term does not include a balloon payment at the end of the rental term. Monthly instalments include unlimited mileage within the borders of South Africa, comprehensive insurance, a service plan, GPS tracker, and annual license. Upon expiration of your rental period, you can choose to keep the vehicle or trade it in for a newer model vehicle.


Prepare the needed at home

Prepare the needed documents at home to ensure you have everything.


Have your documents

Always make sure to have all the needed documets by hand when we meet.


Sign docs - funds are paid

When you sign the document the fees will be paid on the spot to you.


Settle loan & get car back

Now it is just time to settle your loan with us and then be ready get your car back.

Five Points to Keep in mind

  • Fixed rates range from 36% to 60% APR and payment options range from minimum 3 to maximum 24 months. Apart from the initiation and monthly fees shown below, the only additional fee is credit life insurance if the borrower does not have this already.
  • All accounts may be renewed if they are up to date.
  • All payments are made via EFT or direct deposits into Lamna’s bank account. There are no debit orders.
  • Non-payments may result in the matters being escalated.

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Any Questions

If you have any questions do not even hesitate a bit to give us a call we will gladly assist with anything

How to Pawn your car


Prepare the needed at home

  • Your car must be fully paid
  • The owner of the car must apply for the loan and sign the agreements
  • Submit information on-line or phone our call centre.


Have your documents

  • Copy of your ID and proof of residence
  • Original registration certificate of the vehicle
  • If the vehicle is in the name a company, we can still assist – contact us for what is required.


Sign docs - funds are paid

  • Bring the documents and the vehicle for final evaluation
  • Read, complete and if happy, sign the loan agreement
  • Car is stored in a secure and fully insured facility
  • A transfer is made to you electronically.


Settle loan & get car back

  • Pay the monthly charge as per the agreement
  • Pay the capital back as per the agreement
  • Once money reflects in our account, collect your car and related documents.