Pawn Your Motorcycle

Your motorcycle could be pawned if you need cash to get through a rough patch or to help your business with short-term cash flow problems.

Pawn your motorcycle

How to pawn your motorcycle

Simply contact us and tell us the make, model, year and mileage of the vehicle. The motorcycle’s value will determine the value of the loan we offer.
If you choose to proceed, we’ll arrange a meeting, where we’ll ask to see the original motorcycle registration documents, which must be in your name; your ID book; and proof of address. We’ll inspect the motorcycle and, if all is in order, finalise an agreement.

Fast access to cash

Traditional types of loans can take weeks to secure. If you pawn your motorcycle to obtain a loan from us, you could have the funds you need in your account on the same day you apply.


With Pawn My Car, the process of getting a loan against your motorcycle is completely confidential. The transaction is purely between you and us. We don’t supply credit bureaus, financial institutions.

No credit checks

Pawning your motorcycle is an example of securing an asset-based loan. Because the motorcycle serves as collateral for the loan, we have no interest in your credit record.

You don’t have to sell

Sell an asset like a motorcycle in a hurry could mean losing out financially because of a rushed sale – and once your trusted bike is gone, you might regret your decision forver, so before selling sit and think.